Mt Clemens
What you're getting: Cheeseburger and a Bud
First of all, this place used to be a blind pig – a legit Prohibition bar. And not, "oh hey, check out our original stamped tin ceilings that date back to Prohibition"-bar, but a bar located in the basement of a 100-year-old farmhouse in what is now a residential neighborhood just on the outskirts of Mt Clemens that served illegal booze to patrons in secret for 13 years... -bar. The bar itself measures roughly 15x30 feet and the ceiling is so low that anyone over six feet tall has to duck. But we're here to talk about burgers, and the burger here is a thing of bliss – quite possibly the Platonic ideal of burgers. Frank (you know, the owner, who also lives upstairs in the farmhouse) goes out and buys fresh sirloin every day, and the result is a burger that the ancient Greeks would have written epic poems about. 
Frank's easily made the Top 22 Best Burgers list from the
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