Frank's Eastside Tavern is known for their huge bar burgers. A full 1/2 pounder with all the trimmings. Frank personally gets up early each morning to make his rounds of the markets. He picks out the freshest produce and buys only the best ground beef. Always fresh ground that day and never frozen.

The result is a top quality burger that is juicy and tasty. The menu is rounded out with Coney Dogs and a diverse selection of sandwiches. Including Liverwurst, Famous Fried Bologna, Pulled Pork, Grilled Steak, Egg Salad, BLT's, Boneless Chicken and more.

The Chili during the cold months is a favorite treat also. Be sure to ask about the complimentary "salad bar" while you're there. It consists of a dish of Peperoncini peppers and a bowl of chips. It's amazing how many of those little hot peppers one can eat while sitting at the bar socializing.

The small grill is open until the beef runs out or the bar closes, whichever comes first.

Like everything at Frank's, the menu is simple and to the point, and it really is the best damn burger in the county...