The Mt. Clemens area is home to an unusually large community of musicians. Artists from the unheard of to major international rock stars live a stones throw away from The Eastside Lounge.

This fuels a nonstop jam session that starts Saturday night about 9 PM and goes full tilt until the lovely Ms Vickie herds the standing room only crowd up the stairs and out the door at the end of the night.

The band squeezes into the front of the room and along with the core house band a long list of the local musical who's who rotate through keeping the music live and jumping all night.

The result is a night of driving classic rock and blues that is amazingly tight and fresh every weekend.

Every Saturday boasts the best in entertainment from a long list of special guest musicians that are there because they love to be part of the Eastside Tavern's energy.

The small room and unique atmosphere lends to a one of a kind party that is perfect for jamming. Every seat in the house is right in the action. Partiers in the bar are found behind the mic frequently helping with vocals or a tambourine.


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